Charles Tendell

Cybersecurity Professional, Entrepreneur, Media Personality, and Certified Ethical Hacker

With over 16 years’ experience as an accomplished cybersecurity expert and serial entrepreneur, decorated Iraq War veteran Charles Tendell brings a wealth of knowledge and understanding to any scenario, with particular strengths in areas such as Ethical Hacking and System Security, as well as Computer Forensics, a field he helped pioneer a decade ago.

Charles has helped design, implement and test thousands of systems, assisting individual start-ups to Fortune 500 organizations and corporate environments maintain their security on the highest possible levels, saving them millions of dollars in the process. Those efforts established him as a subject matter expert with sound strategic thinking and judicious security solutions up his sleeve. His secrets and intimacy of the craft are uncontested in that regard.

Throughout his career, Charles has participated in various large-scope projects where his expertise was often the decisive factor towards their accomplishments. From launching satellites into orbit, keeping thousands of company employees and data safe from threats, to even directly influencing a multibillion dollar lawsuit with innovative computer forensics, his versatility and skill-set have proven to be invaluable assets.

Charles also possesses an entrepreneurial spirit that inspired him to create his own security brand, Azorian Cyber Security, allowing him to approach security challenges with an even more structured approach to detect security breaches and weaknesses other companies weren’t able to find, backed by a team of experienced and dedicated professionals.

His unique combination of expertise and personality allow him to relate to wider audiences, leading him to become one of the most sought-after advocates and public speakers on subjects like cybersecurity and hacking, as well as an expert of choice for leading media outlets that include The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, CNN, and several others.

His growing public persona and ability to put things in a perspective led him to create “The Charles Tendell Show”, a successful podcast reaching over 150,000 unique listeners through traditional broadcast radio and online markets.