AT&T’s “$35” DirecTV streaming will cost $60 unless you sign up right away

November 28, 2016

Enlarge / Channel lineups for AT&T’s DirecTV Now online streaming service. (credit: AT&T)

When AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson last month announced a new DirecTV online video streaming service, he was clear about a few things: it would provide more than 100 channels, including “all the premium” channels customers want, and cost just $35 a month. As a result, AT&T has gotten a lot of headlines about its $35, 100-channel streaming service over the past few weeks.

But today we found out the full pricing details, and they’re a bit less appealing than Stephenson’s sales pitch. The offer of 100 channels for $35 is only good for customers who sign up when the service becomes available or shortly after that. Once the standard pricing sets in, new customers will pay $35 for 60 channels. The other standard packages are 80 channels for $50 a month, 100 channels for $60, and 120 channels for $70.

Premium channels HBO and Cinemax will cost an extra $5 a month in addition to the base price. The service will be available in the US only.

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