Consoles for $213, recent games for $10, and more Cyber Monday deals

November 28, 2016

Enlarge / Walmart is practically throwing free stuff at you to get you to buy an Xbox One S. (credit: Wal-mart)

Don’t blame us if you missed all the good deals on video games when Black Friday came around last week. We tried to tell you there were steep discounts to be had, But noooooo, you just wanted to stay in your warm house with your slippers and your leftovers and your Gilmore Girls binge-watching marathon.

Don’t worry, you can now get similar (or even better) deals on video game hardware and software from the comfort of your home computing device as part of today’s Cyber Monday deals. Even better, some of these discounts are set to last all “Cyber Week” thanks to the never-ending expansion of the holiday price wars. Still, there’s reason to act fast—some of these deals may be pulled as they sell out of limited stock, so if you see a price you like, don’t wait.

Gaming hardware

Target has the deal to beat for all major purchases today, including video game consoles. You’ll get a 15-percent off coupon applied automatically at checkout for anything on the site Monday only. That reduces a $250 video game console bundle to $212.50, a $300 console to $240, a $400 console becomes $340, etc. It’s quite the bargain.

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