Etch a Sketch lives on in browser-based Chrome Labs project

January 10, 2019
Etch a Sketch lives on in browser-based Chrome Labs project

Enlarge (credit: Rowan Merewood, Twitter)

All who remember the Etch A Sketch slabs of yesteryear remember how difficult it was to translate your vision onto its “magic screen,” and how proud one felt upon success. Now, Google’s Chrome Labs translated that experience (quite literally) for the digital age with the fun Web A Skeb project. It’s a browser-contained version of an Etch A Sketch that you can use to draw and doodle—if you can get the hang of its dials.

Web A Skeb creator Rowan Merewood explained on Twitter that the goal of the project was to create web-friendly dials. Those in Web A Skeb work just like those on the old Etch A Sketch toys, so you have to learn which direction to “turn” them in to move your strokes up and down, or left and right. Currently, only cursors and mice can control the dials on desktop browsers, but greater accessibility is being considered (like using letter or arrow keys to control the dials).

Buttons at the bottom of Web A Skeb let you enter fullscreen mode, “shake” the drawing area to erase your work, and liven up the sketch with shadows and rainbows using the “fancy” and “fanciest” options.

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