In wake of lawsuit, Uber investors are now publicly sniping at each other

August 11, 2017

Enlarge / Shervin Pishevar, seen here in 2014, has asked Benchmark to drop its lawsuit against Uber’s former CEO, Travis Kalanick. (credit: TechCrunch)

Some of Uber’s top investors appear to be engaged in a civil war, underscoring the deep chaos that has sown behind the scenes.

Just a day after Benchmark Capital Partners sued former Uber CEO Travis Kalanick, another faction (of unknown size) led by investors Shervin Pishevar has asked that Benchmark call off its lawsuit, resign its board seat, and sell a substantial portion of its holdings in the ridesharing company.

According to Pishevar, Benchmark’s lawsuit has “held the company hostage to a public relations disaster.” In a letter, the investor even warned that an “escalation of this fratricidal course” would “interfere with fundraising” and the ongoing search for a new chief executive at Uber.

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