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Genius researcher Ups the Game for Social Engineers by Getting Android-compatible Google Daydream VR Controller to run on the Incompatible iOS Platform. Conducting data breach is old school skill now- hacking a gadget and making it run on an incompatible platform is the real deal. Infecting a system and carrying out hack attacks is no […]

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The world’s first solar highway has been opened in France, in the not-very-sunny village of Tourouvre au Perche in Normandy. The roadway is just one kilometre (0.6mi) long, but that still works out at 2,800 square metres of photovoltaic cells—enough, hopefully, to power the village’s street lights.

The road was built by Colas, a large Anglo-French construction company. Colas has apparently been working on its own solar road tech, called Wattway, for at least five years. Wattway has been tested in car parks, but this is the first time it has been used on an active road. There will now be a two-year test period, to see if Wattway can withstand the rigour of being pounded by thousands of cars and trucks per day, and whether it can actually provide a useful amount of electricity.

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The number of cyber attacks against organizations in the healthcare industry is increasing, this trend is expected to continue in 2017.

The monitoring of the activity in the cyber criminal underground is essential for investigators and security experts. The value of illegal products and services gives us a precious information on cyber criminal trends. Security experts are observing a significant drop in the black market value of stolen medical records, this data suggests criminal organizations are focusing their efforts elsewhere.

Criminal organizations are more focused on stealing data to spread ransomware, according to a report released by the security firm TrapX.

Crooks are offering stolen records for a price ranging between $1.50 and $10 each. Across the months the price is dropped as never before, this summer cyber criminals offered 10 million patient records on TheRealDeal black marketplace for about $820,000, roughly $12 per record. Lots of data containing a smaller number of records were offered with a price per single records ranging from $40 up to $60. In 2012 the World Privacy Forum estimated the value of medical records on the criminal underground at around $50 each.

Data in medical records are precious commodities for crooks that can use them for identity theft and medical billing frauds and scams.

Anthony James, CMO at TrapX explained that the black market has become saturated, in 2015 expert estimated that about 112 million records were stolen, including 80 million records from the Anthem data breach.

“2015 was obviously a year where cybersecurity came to the forefront for the health care industry,” James told to CSOonline.

Another interesting data emerged from the report is the number of organizations breached by cyber criminals that passed from 57 last year to 93 this year, up from 36 in 2015.

The overall number of records lost fell by nearly 90 percent to just 12 million records.

TrapX analyzed all the breaches reported to the Department of Health and Human Services resulting from hacking activities.

According to the experts, 31% of all major HIPAA data breaches were caused by sophisticated attacks, a 300% increase over the past three years.

“Researchers pinpointed two major trends from 2016: the continued discovery and evolution of medical device hijacking, which TrapX calls MEDJACK and MEDJACK.2, and the increase of ransomware across a variety of targets.” reported DarkReading.

The researchers explained that companies that have six months to report the incident, this means that we will have news of some attacks occurred in 2016 during H1 2017 and the estimates made by the experts at TrapX could be pejorative.

The experts highlighted that the falling price for stolen records is pushing scammers to try to monetize their efforts in other ways, like ransomware-based attacks.

“That’s why ransomware has started to increase,” James said. “That’s where they’re getting their money now.”

This trend is expected to continue in 2017 that will be a difficult year for the healthcare.

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The famous DDoS attackers from Phantom Squad have claimed responsibility for conducting a series of powerful Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) on Steam and online gaming platform Origin servers. Now, you must be wondering why? Well, that’s simply because Christmas is coming and for some reason unbeknown to anyone other than them, these attackers have developed a habit of targeting online […]

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Evidence has shown that low birth weight is not a good thing for newborns. It’s associated with higher infant mortality and negative impacts on long-term outcomes, like lifelong income and cognitive ability.

But with improved medical practices, there’s a chance that this could be changing. A group of researchers in England, Germany, and Finland took a look at some demographic data and found that the link between birth weight and cognitive ability may have drastically declined over time—although it hasn’t disappeared entirely.

The difficulty with research into questions like these is that it often takes crazy amounts of time. If you want to find out how birth weight affects people in adulthood, you need to track them from the moment they’re born and for decades afterwards. A lot of our evidence about the effects of birth weight had come from studying groups of people who were born in the 1950s.

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The self-driving car reached something of a watershed in 2016. All of a sudden, it seems we’re right on the threshold of autonomous vehicles transforming our transportation. I’d ask any engineer in 2015 when they thought we’d have full (i.e., SAE level 5) self-driving vehicles and the answer was always “ooh, that’s another 20-30 years away.” Fast forward a year, and all of a sudden that target has moved: BMW, Intel, Mobileye, Uber, Volvo, Ford, Delphi, and others have all set 2021 (or earlier in the case of Delphi) as the year by which steering wheels become optional.

The big breakthrough is down to the use of machine learning and deep neural networks, a field that has come along leaps and bounds in a relatively short space of time. For example, Nvidia will sell OEMs and tier one suppliers an open AI platform for automotive uses that leverages the company’s GPUs and machine learning—tech that it ably demonstrated with its BB-8 technology demonstrator:

Nvidia’s deep neural network allowed BB-8 to figure out how to drive on and off road in a short amount of time.

But along the way, the automakers and tech firms working on the problem have diverged into two groups: the ones who plan to get there in an incremental, stepwise fashion, and the others who plan to skip the intermediate step.

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Last year, after much previous hemming and hawing, we recommended that console gamers looking for a new console finally take the plunge and invest in a PlayStation 4. But the console market has changed in the 12 months since that recommendation, from the release of new generation-splitting hardware to the announcement of upcoming console hardware from both Microsoft and Nintendo.

Is it time to upgrade? Is it better to wait? Should you just stick to a retro-focused Raspberry Pi build instead? Below, we’ll walk you through the current state of the console market, summarize what we know about the near future, and give you our best recommendation for where to put your console dollars.

Go Pro?

The PS4 Pro: It’s bigger, it’s pricier, and it’s more powerful. But does it offer a true 4K experience? Video hosted by: Mark Walton. (video link)

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Moon Lovers Scarlet Heart Ryeo season one ended a few weeks ago and since then, fans have been eagerly waiting for the next season to arrive. SBS is yet to reveal details regarding whether the series will get another season or not. But avid fans of the series strongly believe that there will be season 2. […]

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The past five years have witnessed a seemingly unending series of high-profile account take-overs. A growing consensus has emerged among security practitioners: even long, randomly generated passwords aren’t sufficient for locking down e-mail and other types of online assets. According to the consensus, these assets need to be augmented with a second factor of authentication.

Now, a two-year study of more than 50,000 Google employees concludes that cryptographically based Security Keys beat out smartphones and most other forms of two-factor verification.

The Security Keys are based on Universal Second Factor, an open standard that’s easy for end users to use and straightforward for engineers to stitch into hardware and websites. When plugged into a standard USB port, the keys provide a “cryptographic assertion” that’s just about impossible for attackers to guess or phish. Accounts can require that cryptographic key in addition to a normal user password when users log in. Google, Dropbox, GitHub, and other sites have already implemented the standard into their platforms.

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Groupon, an American e-commerce marketplace is used by millions of people worldwide. Naturally, its usage during Christmas skyrockets and it looks like hackers are well aware of this fact that’s why several Groupon’s UK customers are complaining that their accounts are being compromised and someone is buying stuff they never signed up for. The confused customers are taking their […]

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