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Did you like the Star Trek episodes that focused on local problems, such as annoying space amoeba threatening Potemkin IV? Or those episodes featuring a broader “clash of civilizations” between the Federation, the Klingons, and/or the Romulans?

Star Trek: Ascendancy is the new $100 board game from Gale Force Nine, and it’s all about Big Conflicts. In the game, you build an empire—then bump into others. Conflict will result. Planets will be conquered. Homeworlds will be threatened.

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Job-related information belonging to hundreds of thousands of individuals in a Michael Page database was exposed online by Capgemini.

The firm Capgemini has inadvertently published a database of the Michael Page company, a company owned by PageGroup and specialized in recruiting.

The data leak has accidentally exposed job-related records of hundreds of thousands of individuals.

Michael Page has notified customers that their personal information was inadvertently exposed. Leaked records include names, email addresses, encrypted passwords, phone numbers and job-related information.

The France firm Capgemini provides IT services to Michael Page, its staff has accidentally exposed a Michael Page backup database containing roughly 30 Gb of SQL files.

The data leak was first reported by the popular security expert Troy Hunt who manages the breach notification website Troy Hunt received information of the Capgemini data breach in October from the same person who reported him the data leak that exposed records of the Australian Red Cross Blood Service (550,000 personal records exposed).

PageGroup and Capgemini determined that the backup was related to a testing environment for the PageGroup websites.

The archive includes 780,000 unique email addresses and job-related information.

“I’ll refer to Michael Page’s disclosure a little later on, but what I will say here is that there were over 780k unique email addresses in that one file and plenty of data relating to candidates’ jobs such as cover letters relating to their experience.” wrote Hunt.


PageGroup tried to downplay the incident saying that data is unlikely to be used for illegal purposes because only Hunt and the person who discovered the data leak accessed the information, and anyway both destroyed the database they had.

“We have ensured the website is secure. We are treating this issue very seriously and are working with our IT vendor, Capgemini as a matter of urgency to fully investigate how this incident occurred and to put in place measures to ensure it does not happen again,” reads the statement published by PageGroup. “Capgemini fully manage our PageGroup websites and is regarded as a global leader in consulting, technology and outsourcing services. It has all the appropriate security certificates and ISO certifications in place, which we believed would ensure that the website environments would be secure and safe in their hands.”

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Pierluigi Paganini

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Enlarge / How the Sun can alter the Moon’s orbit around the Earth. (credit: Bob King/Sky & Telescope)

The Moon follows an elliptical path around the Earth, with an average eccentricity of about 0.055 (a perfect circle has an eccentricity of 0). This means that, at its closest approach, the Moon comes within 363,400km of our planet, and at its most distant the Moon is 405,500km. When the Moon is full at the perigee of this orbit, it has come to be known as a “Supermoon.”

And yes, we use the designation “Supermoon” because, even though it was originally coined back in 1979 by an astrologer, NASA has now adopted it. We shall too, partly because the astronomy of why this month’s Supermoon has gotten so much attention is interesting. Supermoon is also an easier term to use than, say, a perigee full Moon.

But this month’s Supermoon is special. The eccentricity above is calculated based upon the Earth-Moon system, but other celestial bodies also influence the Moon’s orbit through gravity. The Sun plays the largest role, but so too does Jupiter and even some of the smaller planets. When factoring in these other influences, the eccentricity of the Moon’s orbit can actually vary by as little as 0.026 and as much as 0.077.

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The World Health Organization (WHO) is a specialized agency of the United Nations that is concerned with international public health. Ever since its inception in 1948, the organization continues to build a better, healthier future for people all over the world. WHO strives to combat diseases, help mothers and children survive and thrive and ensure […]

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With the iPad Pro, Apple broke the 10 plus inch barrier, releasing a tablet that can compete with the Surface Pro. The 12.9-inch device managed to interest new users, keeping the iPad sales relatively high, mostly thanks to its large screen, and stylus support. The iPad Pro 2 didn’t land this year (we only saw […]

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With new tools, features and functionality, your customizable Steam Store page has been updated to give you even more control over your browsing experience. Below is a look at what’s new in this Steam Discovery Update 2.0. Steam Discovery Update 2.0 changes things for the better Quick Access – It now has more direct links […]

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A lot has been going on in Lucifer season 2. The season 1 of Lucifer had the only crime to deal with for the devil, but this season is a mixed bag of emotions, scandals, relatives of the devil walking the earth, and a lot more than even the devil can’t handle. In the recent […]

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Billionaire Russian anti-virus developer Eugene Kaspersky has penned an angry blog post titled “That’s It. I’ve Had Enough!” to complain about Microsoft and Windows 10. Specifically, Kaspersky argues that the way Microsoft bundled Defender with Windows 10 is anti-competitive: he says that Microsoft has created obstacles to third-party products and is acting against the interests of the developers of third-party security software.

Accordingly, Kaspersky says that he has filed complaints with competition authorities in the EU and Russia. He asks that they force Microsoft to cease the behavior he feels is anti-competitive.

Microsoft has integrated anti-malware software to ensure that every Windows system has a basic level of protection without requiring any additional third-party purchases or installations. Here’s how the Microsoft setup works, and the way it has worked since Windows 8: built-in MS anti-malware software automatically disables itself if it detects a third-party product is installed and up-to-date. Microsoft chose this behavior to keep its OEM partners happy, since many of them depend on kickbacks from pre-installed third-party antivirus software.

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God of War’s surprise gameplay reveal was one of E3’s stand out moments. But while most of us were gawping at Kratos’ brand new facial fuzz the keen-eyed individuals over at Neogaf were picking the gameplay apart and some of the things they found lurking in the background are pretty amazing. And at times bone-chillingly […]

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