Its Best To Be Obsessed with Gamal Aly of @AccessStaffing

July 7th 2016 Certifications, degrees and experience are great but sometime the best way to be successful in cybersecurity it so be obsessed. Charles and guest Gamal Aly of @AccessStaffing have a conversation.

TSA Insecurity. Uh What? With Billy Rios @xssniper

July 1st 2016 Traveling is already not the most fun. But what about the security of the devices keeping you secure? Charles talks with guest Billy Rios of about just how vulnerable the TSA…

Interviewing For Your Job & What To Expect

June 30th 2016. Ever wonder how to prepare for that that dreaded technical interview? Charles Talks with Dennis a listener and a cyber security consultant about what not to do in your interview and what…

Politics As Usaual With Mike Daughetry

Crazy world with Hillary clintons email yet again becoming a not so large headline. Are people over exposed, numb or just don’t care? Charles talks with Mike Daugherty

Resume hacks for your next cybersecurity job

June 28th 2016 Easy tips on getting your resume noticed and landing your next cybersecurity job.  Wrapping up the series on how to get into cybersecurity with guest Gamal Aly of

Ask A CISO With Devon Bryan

Jun 24th 2016 Ever wonder whats on the mind of a Chief Information Security Officer? Guest Devon Bryan talks about the issues of diversity, skills and the importance or reaching back. And what the heck…