Spider-Man PS4 hands-on: Saving giant virtual NYC has never felt so awesome

June 12, 2018

Enlarge / Look out, it’s Insomniac Games’ really, really impressive take on Spider-Man. (credit: Insomniac Games / Marvel)

LOS ANGELES—A typical E3 video game demo offers one of two things: a snappy “vertical slice” of immediately accessible action, or an all-too-brief tease of a much larger and more complicated sales pitch.

Our first hands-on with Sony’s exclusive Spider-Man, launching on PlayStation 4 this September, offered the rare, seductive combination of both.

As a result, I doubled back for a second demo replay (something I rarely have time to do at crazy events like E3). This confirmed my suspicions: Insomniac Games had unlocked a ton of Spider-Man content for its E3 gameplay-premiere demo, and that the game’s learning curve—which seems staggering at first—is absolutely surmountable. And a freaking blast, to boot.

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